Single-thread hang on one file

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Single-thread hang on one file

Post by floor9 » Tue Apr 24, 2012 1:08 pm

I've been using fsarchiver for well over a year now in our testing environment with no problems. We're using it to clone and deploy a fleet of XP SP3 machines. Yesterday, when attempting to take an image of a recently-updated workstation, fsarchiver hung when it reached the file "ieapfltr.dat". From looking at the directory structure, this appears to be part of IE7 that was updated in KB2183461.

When running with -v or -vvvv, I see no indication of any errors. The only way I know it's hung is that progress stops. We let it sit for 24 hours with no progress, and the fsarchiver process simply sits doing nothing even after fsarchiver is terminated.

We duplicated our steps on a different HD on a different (but identical) PC with the same results. We tried running fsarchiver from a different source media in the unlikely event that it was encountering bad sectors on its own drive, but that made no difference.

We're in a very tightly controlled environment, so running another round of updates is a last resort. I'm looking into whether or not this file can be deleted without ill effects, but that requires us to restart our testing process -- another last resort.

Any thoughts on how we can break this logjam, or at least get some significant error message?

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Re: Single-thread hang on one file

Post by admin » Thu Apr 26, 2012 8:24 am

You should run "fsarchiver savefs" with the most recent ntfs-3g to be sure you get all bug fixes. To analyse the situation you can mount the ntfs drive using ntfs-3g (with the same options as what "fsarchiver savefs -vvvv" says) and look at all files attributes (size, extended-attributes, ...)

What fsarchiver is doing internally is it backups all attributes of the file, including the NTFS specific files attributes (permissions, ...) that are shown as linux extended attributes by ntfs-3g. You may find that something is not what you expect if you compare what you can see on windows and linux on this particular file.

You can also run strace on fsarchvier and ntfs-3g to see what it is doing when it hangs. It will tell you which function is running at that time.

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