lstat error while archiving ext4 system?

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lstat error while archiving ext4 system?

Post by hed » Wed Feb 08, 2012 10:47 pm


during archiving of an ext4-Partition the following error occurred (repeatedly during several runs):
Running fsarchiver version=[0.6.12], fileformat=[FsArCh_002]
Analysing filesystem on /dev/sda1...
[errno=5, Input/output error]: oper_save.c#778,createar_save_directory(): cannot lstat64(/tmp/fsa/20120205-001810-00/var/cache/samba/browse.dat)
[errno=5, Input/output error]: oper_save.c#1223,oper_save(): cannot run evaluation createar_save_directory(/tmp/fsa/20120205-001810-00)
removed /mnt/floppy/0d22406e-3842-4a87-afe9-a5dea96167f3.pt1.fsa
(The return value of fsachiver is 1)

Does someone have a guess, what might happen here?

Unluckily I have only inderect access to the computer & harddisk.
The error occurred several times. (A later trial to list the file
which caused the problem does not show the file anymore.

The fsarchiver runs from a sysrecue-cd with tmpfs filesystem. Could the amount of available space on the tmpfs-system create this kind of problem?

Hints / Guesses are appreciated.

Regards, Roger

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Re: lstat error while archiving ext4 system?

Post by admin » Mon Mar 05, 2012 12:33 pm

The root cause is "Input/output error" which means fsarchiver gets this error when it asks the system to return file information. It can be either due to a corruption in the filesystem, or even an hardware error when attempting to read a block from the hard disk.

You can run e2fsck to try to repair the filesystem, and you can read /var/log/message to check for hardware errors.

You can run the linux "stat" command line tool on this file to simulate what fsarchiver is doing programmatically:

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stat /var/cache/samba/browse.dat

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