Does fsarchiver save Windows' POSIX ACL attributes ?

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Does fsarchiver save Windows' POSIX ACL attributes ?

Post by robertchen » Mon Nov 09, 2009 12:25 pm

In fsarchiver 0.6.1, it seems createar_item_winattr() in create.c doesn't save some extended attributes:
, which NTFS-3G AR supports now.

Suppose I have a pure windows NTFS partition in my disk ("pure" means all data in the NTFS partition is never written by any non-windows program).
I boot to a Linux OS in the same disk and use fsarchiver savefs and restfs the NTFS partition.
After restfs operation, the windows partition is bootable,
but should I care about the two extended attributes above ?
I ask the question because I don't know if the 2 attributes will appear in a pure NTFS partition.

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Re: Does fsarchiver save Windows' POSIX ACL attributes ?

Post by admin » Mon Nov 09, 2009 7:18 pm

The standard extended attributes you mention are not used for ntfs since there is no equivalent of the windows ACL in the unix world. That's why ntfs-3g-AR provides very specific extended attributes (winattr) which are copied as-is, and restored as-is. These attributes don't make any sense to linux, they are just saved and restored with no modifications. So there is no problem with that, and all the attributes can be preserved this way.

The ntfs support in fsarchiver is not stable yet, so don't use it for critical data.

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