Store files in FSA only once Saves bandwidth, space & time

Please ask questions here if you are not familiar with fsarchiver
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Store files in FSA only once Saves bandwidth, space & time

Post by jvbarnet1 » Mon Aug 24, 2009 7:17 pm

First, this is a great utility thank you for your effort!

Have you considered making the .fsa format use single instance storage. This would me that when storing an image fsarchiver would only store files once and duplicates of the file would be stored as pointers:
  • Do a checksum on each file
  • Perform a lookup to see if that checksum exists in the .fsa file already
  • Store the file if it's checksum doesn't exist
  • Store a pointer to the location in the .fsa archive of the duplicate file if the checksum already exists
  • Store the file's metadata as usual (Just because file data is the same doesn't mean that metadata is the same, the files might even have different names)
This has several advantages: IT speeds up the archiving/imaging process, it saves disk space (Several images saved to the same .FSA file can possibly save GBs of space if they share alot of data.

Not to appeal to Microsoft but they have a format called .WIM which does a similar thing, but fsarchiver would be much more powerful because it supports all popular file formats and MS only supports NTFS.

I could point you to some info on the .WIM file format or provide more details on what I'm talking about if any of the above is confusing.

Let me know what you think.


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Re: Store files in FSA only once Saves bandwidth, space & time

Post by admin » Sat Aug 29, 2009 7:50 am

Yes this feature would be great but unfortunately it would require a completely different design: currently we read files from disk and save it immediately. We would need a first stage to analyze all the data, and another stage to write the optimized data. It would also require a different file format, so I am afraid it won't be implemented in the short term.

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