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restore with mkfs=ext3 fails, restore to original ext4 ok

Posted: Mon Dec 24, 2012 3:10 am
by zdoe
i'm trying to convert ext4 to ext3. partition is on a USB stick - on centos? linux running on VMware, from a just-downloaded systemrescueCD.iso.

i've succesfully created the .fsa, and can restore from it no problem - but if i add the mkfs parameter to the command line, the restore fails, and if i don't, a pre-created ext3 partition gets converted to the ext4 file system that's stored inside the fsa.

the whole point WAS to use fsarchiver to go from one file system to other.

the most descriptive part of the error message:

[/dev/sda2] cannot be mounted on [/tmp/fsa/20121223-213520-00]