Remote SystemRescue CD (More details added)

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Remote SystemRescue CD (More details added)

Post by johnV » Thu Jan 20, 2011 9:24 pm

I am planning on using SystemRescue CD for my remote imaging solution. I am not able to use PXE server as I can not have a DHCP server in this network. I was wondering if such a scenario would be supported.

Specifically, can I use SystemResuce CD to remotely image the systems for which I do not have constant physical access?

1. I was hoping to either leave the SystemRescue CD in the CD drive or copy its contents such that I can reboot my RHEL system to boot from SystemRescue CD. Can I do this and if so could you please suggest how?

2. Once the system has booted from SystemRescue CD, can I access this machine remotely and take an image?

Please advise. Thanks.

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Re: Remote SystemRescue CD (More details added)

Post by admin » Fri Jan 21, 2011 9:20 pm

1) I suggest you install sysresccd on the hard-drive so that the cdrom is not required. You will just have an extra entry in grub.
2) You can add automatic network and rootpass configuration in the sysresccd grub entry, you can even configure vncserver to start automatically.
3) You shoud also read the turorial about remote management of servers

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