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Fsarchiver performance on Ubuntu 10.04 Live CD

Posted: Sun Nov 07, 2010 2:40 pm
by tkwinfo
Hi All,

I am new to Fsarchiver and have once used it to backup my 48G Win XP system on a 125G primary partition. However, I have nearly used 24 hours for such a backup. I am wondering whether this amount of backup time is strictly necessary or I have used wrong options in an un-favourable environment !

My computer is a core-2-due with 2G memory. My 48G Win XP system is on a 125G partition inside an SATA internal harddisk. I use the Ubuntu 10.04.1 Live CD to boot up my computer and then install Fsarchiver to do the backup. The Fsarchiver command that I have used is :

"sudo fsarchiver -vvv -z1 -j2 savefs ./myarchive1.fsa /dev/sda1"

I saw from the System Monitor that my 2 CPUs have, on average, utilization of not more than 20% while the Ubuntu Live has used just not more than 600MB of memory. I wonder whether I could push Fsarchiver to make a better utilization of my computer resources.

I am not sure whether the Live CD bootup approach hurts Fsarchiver's performance, or would an Ubuntu system on a harddisk with Fsarchiver installed make a difference. Could anyone suggest a better solution (increasing performance) for this situation. Thanks.


Re: Fsarchiver performance on Ubuntu 10.04 Live CD

Posted: Tue Nov 09, 2010 1:03 pm
by admin
You can use dstat to see the usage for CPU & Disk resources, and see if it's waiting for the disk. If the disk is slow for some reason, you can raise the compression level to something between -z3 and -z7 to reduce the disk IO and use more CPU.

You should test the disk read and write speed using both dstat and dd to read or write files on the disk. Also, you can exclude useless files from the backup. For instance it does not make sense to backup a huge swap file so you can do something like:

Code: Select all

The livecd may also have an impact. You can try from SystemRescueCd that you boot using "docache" to cache all programs in the memory, and not have to access the cdrom drive.

Re: Fsarchiver performance on Ubuntu 10.04 Live CD

Posted: Sun Nov 21, 2010 1:57 am
by tkwinfo
Hi Admin and All,

Thanks for a suggestion. Recently I have done a 2nd backup of my 48G Win XP system using Fsarchiver. It seems that Fsarchiver on SystemRescueCd Live is un-reasonably slow (it takes several hours only for analyzing my 48G Win XP system, even with a "docache" option, and with "-j7" in Fsarchiver.). However, it is faster if I use "-j7" on the Ubuntu 10.04.1 Live system. I have a 1-2 hour(s) gain but have still used over 20 hours for a 48G Win XP backup. Fsarchiver seems stay long on large files (but unfortunately I have some such files in my Win XP system ! ).

However, it is a different story when using Fsarchiver to back up my 12G Ubuntu system. It takes only 1-2 hour(s) to backup my Ubuntu system on an "ext3" file system. Fsarchiver could have a better utilization of the CPU resources in this case.

It seems Fsarchiver have a poorer performance on NTFS.

It would be great if Fsarchiver, such a free and flexible backup tool, could backup Windows systems as fast as Linux systems.

Anyway, thanks for providing a free backup tool.