[errno=75, Value too large for defined datatype]

Please ask questions here if you are not familiar with fsarchiver
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[errno=75, Value too large for defined datatype]

Post by pieterheida » Tue Mar 23, 2010 10:01 pm


I would like to use fsarchiver for creating images of windows PC's.
Therefore i have made a systemrescuecd-x86-1.5.0. with sarchiver version 0.6.8 (2010-02-20) on it.

To share a disk over the network an other machine is mounted to save the images on:
mkdir /mnt/win
mount -t cifs -o lfs // /mnt/win/

For creating the archive is used the command:
fsarchiver savefs /mnt/win/<archive-name>.fsa /dev/sda1

During execution i get error messages like these:

[errno=75, Value too large for defined datatype]: oper_save.c#106,createar_obj_regfile_multi(): Cannot read data block size=8192 from small file /WINDOWS/ie8/reg00423, res=-1

Appearantly some small files could not be copied.

What am i doing wrong?
Thanks in advance for your answer!

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