Looking for help backing up root filesystem with LVM volumes

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Looking for help backing up root filesystem with LVM volumes

Post by cb474 » Mon Oct 22, 2012 3:41 am

I have a system with a GPT partition table, a BIOS boot partition (for Grub 2), an unencrypted /boot partition, and an encrypted LVM partition that contains my / volume as well as various other logical volumes.

I want to back up my / filesystem so if I mess anything up doing operating system upgrades or installing software, I can just restore things to a previous state. I used to do this with Clonezilla, before I was using LVM, and it worked great. But Clonezilla doesn't work so well with LVM and encryption together.

In order to accomplish the same purpose, will using fsarchiver to backup the /boot partition and / logical volume together suffice? In the FAQ it says grub might have to be reinstalled for the system to boot, after a backup? How will I know if I need to do this? Is it necessary given that the core.img file for Grub2 is in the BIOS boot partition? Can I back up the BIOS boot partition with fsarchiver as well?

Is there anything else that fsarchiver won't back up, that Clonezilla caught when I was using that on my non-LVM system?

Thanks for any advice.

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