Store UUID of block device for subsequent restore

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Store UUID of block device for subsequent restore

Post by wajasu » Tue Mar 01, 2011 6:22 am

If one stores the UUID(s) of any block devices (i.e. savefs) in the metadata, they can be:

- shown via archinfo to aid in writing a fsarchiver restfs command.
or even
- used to enable fsarchiver to suggest a viable command line that would restore the archive to the oriiginal source devices unambiguously (i.e. --suggestrestfs option).

UUID(s) might be ascertained via the libblkid library (see blkid(8) man page) - blkid command.

Note: There should be a command line option that would allow a UUID stored in the archive to be mapped to a different existing UUID when restoring. (In the case of a device being replaced or UUID changing).

- An archive can suggest what needs to be run to restore more accurately what was archived.
- Allow restfs to device based on UUID=<uuid> instead of device name.

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