MBR & VBR backup support

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Re: MBR & VBR backup support

Post by tuipveus » Mon Apr 19, 2010 4:24 pm

There are also other needs.. When I cloned my harddisk to new harddisk, I had to set uuid's by hand. First I tried to boot using two disks with same uuid's and got strange behaviour, even system started without problems :) Mount-command showed old partition-sizes, but when I mounted / -partition again to new mountpoint, it showed new bigger size.

Installing grub is not straightforward thing, when you think about software-raid for example. Grub should be installed to every harddisk mbr, not just the "first" one. Otherwise you will end up to non-bootable system, when disaster strikes to harddisk which contains grub mbr. Btw, I think Debian installer still doesn't install grub "right way" in case you install Debian to software-raid-partition.

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Re: MBR & VBR backup support

Post by freddy77 » Tue Oct 19, 2010 2:28 pm

I think that find a unique way to save all boot stuff is VERY difficult. Some MBR have hard coded sector numbers (like grub) which have to be fixed. Also some use CHS other LBA and position of these numbers in MBR may change using different versions of MBR. I think file command is able to detect MBR grub version. What happen also if MBR load some data that contains other physical sector numbers?
Some boot loaders fits in multiple sectors (like GAG, see http://gag.sourceforge.net/).
The only way I see is detect MBR/VBR to be able to save, restore and patch it correctly.

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