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Post by 666Setsuna666 » Sun Mar 15, 2009 6:28 pm


I think a roadmap section on your Wiki would be interesting to add. It would show people what you are planning to do with fsarchiver for each release or at least what you plan to do in near future.

- Setsuna

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Post by admin » Sun Mar 15, 2009 8:33 pm

This is a good question. The problem is it's very difficult to give dates about when new features will be implemented since it depends on my spare time. Unfortunately I cannot spend all my time on that project.

My current priority is to fix bugs, make advanced tests, check there is no memory leak, improve the quality of the source code and the error management, and finalize the archive file format. The problem to finalize the file format is that we may find a problem later that requires a change in the file format to be addressed. It could be the management of file names with non ascii chars for instance.

Your bug reports really helped at that stage (debugging). It would have been very difficult for me to discover the problem you had with large partitions since I have no such big hard drive to make tests.

When we have a quite stable version, the next features I am thinking about are:
- ability to create partitions (using libparted) before we restfs
- graphical user interface (may be based on Qt or GParted)
- ability to write archives to a DVD using libisoburn
- network support (muticast useful for deployment)
- complete support for ntfs partitions

The ability to create partition in the partition table using libparted seems to be the most important next feature, and the GUI will be important as well. I am not sure it's possible to use libisoburn to write an archive on a DVD so I have to investigate. The network support is not a priority since it's a complex task and NFS/SMB provide stable support for it, it would be really required if there is a multicast support for deployment. A good support for ntfs partition may also depend on many problems.

Anyway, don't expect these features before few months at least.

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