Restore to /dev/null

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Restore to /dev/null

Post by jacobopantoja » Wed Oct 23, 2013 4:18 pm


I'm using fsarchiver 0.6.17 on ArchLinux x64. I have successfully compressed the FS of a hard disk using different compression levels just to test out, and I would like to measure decompression time without actually writing in any hard disk.

I've tried with dest=/dev/null, but I receive

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oper_restore.c#150,convert_argv_to_strdicos(): "/dev/null" is not a valid block device
Would it be _technically_ possible to restore to /dev/null, in order to measure pure decompression time?

As it is not neither a "feature request" nor a "bug report", I have gone to "Miscelaneous", but feel free to move the thread if appropriate.

Thanks in advance,

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