Fedora 17 boot fails after restore

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Fedora 17 boot fails after restore

Post by dave_n » Wed Dec 05, 2012 9:01 am

I want to switch from partimage to fsarchiver so I can move beyond ext3.

Unfortunately, my initial test was not very successful.

Partitions involved (all ext3):

sdb1 /
sdb6 /usr/local
sdb7 /var
sdb8 /tmp
sdb9 /home

My test procedure:

1. ran a "savefs" (0.6.15 under sysrescuecd 2.8.1) for the above partitions; no errors.
(also, thankfully, ran a partimage backup)

2. ran a partimage restore of an old fc15 backup to be sure fc17 was gone.

3. ran a "restfs" (same sysrescucd) for the above partitions from archives created in (1.); no errors.

4. re-installed grub2

5. rebooted fc17 (failed; see messages below)

6. restored fc17 partitions with partimage.

7. re-installed grub2

8. rebooted fc17 (so far, so good)

Messages from failed boot (5. above): http://srmsc.org/fsarchiver_2.txt

Thanks for any ideas!


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