WIN switching drive letters if C: label is null?

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WIN switching drive letters if C: label is null?

Post by jrodrigo » Tue Feb 15, 2011 1:31 am

We've archived and restored some Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP
with a static version of fsarchiver (4 months old).

The problem arises in the Windows Server because we can see the C: drive
with a strange (null???) label, well is something that is not textual, maybe empty?

We think that on restore the Server does not handle this quite well and switchs
the drive letters at winllz. We get Windows XP to act the same way.

But we don't know if this could be fixed or is some kind of glitch on the
fsarchiver part. I have been told that Norton Ghost does some things like
this too.

We've restored into a machine with exactly the same characteristics.
Maybe some kind of Windows harddisk re-id is goind on here.

Thanks for this great work!

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Re: WIN switching drive letters if C: label is null?

Post by gladiac » Wed Feb 23, 2011 7:21 am

Hi jrodrigo,

yeah, we had the same "problem". If the partition has no volume label (in which case windows just shows "Disk Drive C:" or smth. like that) fsarchiver does not leave it empty but change it to "<undefined>". The easiest solution (workaround I should say) would be to simply give the drive a name. If you forgot to do so and did already sysprep your installation you can also use the tool ntfslabel which is included in the ntfs-utils-package which again is included in sysresccd :).

Code: Select all

ntfslabel -v /dev/sdX "My great new label"
hope that helps a little,


EDIT: here we have a little discussion on that topic too: ... =17&t=1024

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