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write backup to cd or network

Posted: Mon Jan 02, 2012 1:12 am
by bmike1
When I installed my system I did something stupid, I put it all on one partition. Well, I realized the error of my ways and want to repartition the drive. I want to clone my drive before I do this though because I got the system just perfect. So I D/L systemrescuecd and decide to use fsarchiver to do this. But as I'm compressing the image I run out of memory (a). Well, where can I save the file to if I can't burn it directly to the cd? There is a possibility of saving it to the other computer on the home network (192.168.0.x) if I can't do it to the cd but I don't know how to set the network up. Could you direct me to some instructions on doing this? You really should make it able to write directly to a CD/DVD.
Thanks for any help you are gracious enough to give me!
[email protected] /root % fsarchiver-64bit -s 700 -z 9 savefs /2012-1-1 /dev/sda1
Archive will be split into volumes of 734003200 bytes (700.00 MB)
Compression levels >= 8 may require a huge amount of memory
Please read the man page or "" for more details.
archwriter.c#200,archwriter_write_buffer(): write(size=756070) returned 593149
archwriter.c#212,archwriter_write_buffer(): Can't write to the archive file. Space on device is 0 bytes.
If the archive is being written to a FAT filesystem, you may have reached
the maximum filesize that it can handle (in general 2 GB)
oper_save.c#216,createar_obj_regfile_unique(): operation has been interrupted
removed /2012-1-1.fsa
removed /2012-1-1.f01

Re: write backup to cd or network

Posted: Mon Jan 30, 2012 11:55 am
by m.ardito
hi :-)

you're trying to save your /dev/sda1 splitting in archives of 700mb on /root, but it seems that wherever /root is, there is no space left!

you should make those 700mb split archives in another folder, on a unit with enough space left: i suggest you to have at least your /dev/sda1 occupied space free on that unit, before trying, and then move those split archives to several cds (you could also try dvds..)

if you want, you can mount a network share with enough free space under /mnt/myshare

eg: using sysresccd, to mount a windows share it is like:
# sudo mkdir /mnt/myshare
# sudo mount //myserver/myshare /mnt/myshare -o user=username,group=worgroup
(it will ask you the workgroup\username's user password, though)
# sudo fsarchiver -v -d savefs /mnt/myshare/partitionbackup.fsa /dev/sda1

booting with sysresccd the network is automatically configured so, it's simple.

hth, Marco

Re: write backup to cd or network

Posted: Mon Jan 30, 2012 2:19 pm
by bmike1
thank you so much for your help.

Re: write backup to cd or network

Posted: Tue Feb 21, 2012 10:56 pm
by bmike1
okay.... I just got around to trying it.... and it didn't work. I can't mount the device.
The first thing I tried (after creating the mount point</laptop>) was:

mount // /laptop -o user=bmike1,group=workgroup

to which it asked for a password and then said no such device or address.
then I tried:

mount // /laptop -o user=bmike1,group=workgroup

to which it responded

Mounting the DFS root for a particular server not yet implemented.
No ip address specified....

then I tried other ways. I even tried piping it:

fsarchiver -v -z9 -s700 savefs 2012-2-21 /dev/sda1 | ssh [email protected] /mnt/entertainment/clones/IBM/2012-2-21

in my eyes what this will do is use fsarchiver to save the contents of /dev/sda1 at a 'z'ip level of 9 (the maximum lzma compression) 's'plit into 700 MB chunks (if I ever need to save it to CDs) and then send those results to the directory 2012-2-21 of a laptop.
That Sorta worked. it copied 3% of the device and then ran out of memory. so it isn't piping the output to the laptop but rather storing it in ram. what am I doing wrong?

Re: write backup to cd or network

Posted: Mon Mar 05, 2012 12:24 pm
by admin
1) z9 is the highest compression level. It is very slow and requires an huge amount of memory. You should not use it unless you really have a massive amount of memory. It is recommended to use -z8 or even -z7 if you want good compression and have normal hardware

2) fsarchiver does not support reading/writing the archive from/to stdin/stdout so you cannot use the pipe. To save your archive on a remote marchine you have to use either NFS or CIFS (or sshfs fuse).