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fsarchiver and Windows as of 2016...

Posted: Sun Dec 11, 2016 5:49 am
by feffer777
My Windows/Linux multi-boot machine is over six years old now. I'm running Win7 and 3 linux partitions. I've been using fsarchiver and rsync for unattended backups to a server for all this time. The linux partitions back up w/o error and I recently needed to restore a damaged Ubuntu partition (dumb error on my part). The restore worked quickly, w/o error and booted perfectly. Initially, w7 seemed to save with only minor errors (fsarchiver 6.12), however now with fsarchiver 6.22 I get quite a few file, and hard-link errors. I doubt this is regression on the fsarchiver side, rather I've made my w7 system more complex...and Windows seems to get flaky with time (imo). btw, the w7 boot partition does NOT error. Here's the backup code and result:

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fsarchiver -j3 -d savefs /path-to-server/sys_w7_${TODAY}.fsa /dev/sda2  

*** Condensed archive log for "Win7 system" on XPS /dev/sda2 ***
Creating logfile in /var/log/fsarchiver_2016-12-07_00-41-23_13270.log
Running fsarchiver version=[0.6.19], fileformat=[FsArCh_002]
executing [ntfs-3g -h]...
command [ntfs-3g -h] returned 9
executing [ntfs-3g  -o streams_interface=xattr -o efs_raw  -o ro  /dev/sda2 /tmp/fsa/20161207-004123-00]...
command [ntfs-3g  -o streams_interface=xattr -o efs_raw  -o ro  /dev/sda2 /tmp/fsa/20161207-004123-00] returned 0
Analysing filesystem on /dev/sda2...
============= archiving filesystem /dev/sda2 =============
-[00][  0%][DIR     ] /
-[00][  0%][DIR     ] /found.000
-[00][  0%][DIR     ] /found.000/dir0000.chk
-[00][  0%][REGFILE ] /found.000/dir0000.chk/mpasbase.vdm
************ CUT ************
-[00][ 99%][REGFILE ] /dell/drivers/R266197/setup.exe
-[00][ 99%][REGFILEM] /dell/drivers/R266197/Setup.ini
-[00][ 99%][REGFILEM] /dell/drivers/R266197/setup.iss
-[00][ 99%][REGFILEM] /dell/drivers/R266197/Version.txt
-[00][100%][SYMLINK ] /Documents and Settings
Statistics for filesystem 0
* files successfully processed:....regfiles=150708, directories=36271, symlinks=50, hardlinks=17463, specials=2
* files with errors:...............regfiles=881, directories=0, symlinks=0, hardlinks=11566, specials=0
executing [fusermount]...
command [fusermount] returned 1
executing [fusermount -u /tmp/fsa/20161207-004123-00]...
command [fusermount -u /tmp/fsa/20161207-004123-00] returned 0
I don't use Windows much, and frankly haven't had to restore the system from the fsa image, so I don't know what the result would look like, but there seem to be a lot of errors especially "hardlinks."

In the near future, I'll probably replace this machine with a newer Windows one and configure it in a similar multi-boot fashion. Is fsarchiver usable at all with Win_10? Or should I look for another solution? I will, of course continue to use fsarchiver on the linux side.