fsarchiver probe output with a /dev/cciss disk?

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fsarchiver probe output with a /dev/cciss disk?

Post by msetzerii » Sat Nov 05, 2011 8:15 am

I maintain the g4l project, and in the 0.38 version had used the fsarchiver probe option to get information on disk and partitions, and this works well. Just got a message that it isn't working with a /dev/cciss device. I don't have access to any system with a cciss disk, so don't know how fsarchiver probe displays it.

I did reply to the user asking for the output of fsarchiver probe, but have not gotten a response.

If someone does have a system with this or other system that use a device setup as contrasted to the /dev/sdx or /dev/hdx.

He reported that the older method getting the data from fdisk -l resulted in this.

It may just be I only extracted the 1st 5 characters, and the others are there, and just expanding the cut option will fix it, but I did one thing that seemed to show the it would show cciss!c0d0 where the / is replaced by and !, but don't know for sure?

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