Beta ?

Please ask questions here if you are not familiar with fsarchiver
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Beta ?

Post by n4af » Tue Jan 11, 2011 2:53 am

Thanks for the great program ! I really like FSarchiver.

I have a question re: the beta, which I have been running.

Any advantage of 6.12 over 7 beta 5 ?
I am strictly ext4, no btrfs and appreciate the p.t. ability of beta 5, but it appears development fixes are aimed at V6 only ? Do you plan to merge 6 and 7 ?

Any progress on V2 ?

Thanks, Howard

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Re: Beta ?

Post by admin » Tue Jan 11, 2011 11:14 am

A lot of work has been done recently in the master branch of the git repository:

The beta tarballs are not up to date.

There are two new features:
*) ability to save / restore the partition table using savept / restpt / showpt
*) added error correction codes based on FEC (cf option -y)

With the new error correction code you will be able to restore archive which have corruption and your data will be 100% preserved. You can select the level of protection you want. All data written in the archive are written as blocks of 64 kb (16 packets of 4kb each), and the error correction code is done at that block level.
*) -y0 = no correction stuff at all, the archive will be as small as fsarchiver-0.6.x archives
*) -y1 = default. an extra 4k packet is written in the archive for each group of 16 packets of data. The image will then be 106 % of the normal size, but fsarchiver will be able to restore all your data even if there is one packet with a corruption in that group of 17 packets written. We just need to find 16 valid 4kb packets out of the 17 packets of each group. If we have less than 16 valid packets in that group we lose the group (64 kb of data)
*) -y2 = it writes two extra 4kb packets (18 packets written for each group of 16 original packets) and the image is 112% of the normal size. fsarchiver will be able to fix the corruption is we can find 16 valid packets in each group of 18 packets.
*) -y9 = very good protection, but quite large archive

The error correction stuff is done after the compression / encryption.

The file format has then changed in this version (0.7.0-git) but this version is able to read archives created by fsarchiver-0.6.x. The file format is currently unstable so the final 0.7.0 may not be able to read files created with the development version. Use it for testing only.

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Re: Beta ?

Post by tuipveus » Sun Oct 16, 2016 12:19 pm

What is the status of FEC in latest 0.8.0 ? Option -y is not listed with fsarchiver -h ? Is it in use ?

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